Kids Personalised Wooden Puzzle Names

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Our Kids Personalised Wooden Puzzle Names are designed to fuel imagination, inspire exploration, and encourage natural curiosity, perfect to help children learn their names! 

A gift you will love giving, our wooden name puzzles are wonderful learning educational puzzles to give for birthdays, holidays, and every day!

**Important- this is not a toy and supervision is required**

Size: 550x100mm 

About this product: This is a 3 Layer product. The letters are 10mm thick. The cut out and base are each 4mm thick. Manufactured from New Zealand made MDF Timber. Letters/Numbers and Graphics protrude and are easy to remove and put back into place.

What you will get:

  1. Cut out letters/numbers (10mm Thick and these vary in size according to the length of the name.
  2. Bonded backing board and stencil 
  3. FREE extra LETTERS / NUMBERS/ GRAPHIC in 5mm that can be used as a door name.
  4. Plain and not painted.